WBM Care Hand Kerchief 10 Sheets x 3 Ply


WBM Care Hand Kerchief 10 Sheets x 3 Ply

Made with the finest quality wooden pulp, these tissues packs are great for face cleaning. These are very soft and super absorbent. These tissues work wonderfully well to wipe off the dirt from your face and hands. Having mild Rose fragrance will refresh your mind. Key Feature:The handkerchief has durable multiple layer thickness sheets.Each pack includes a bulk set of 10 sheets and 3 ply of soft and smooth napkins.These are made of 100% wood pulp & amp and it is free from artificial color.WBM handkerchief is environment friendly.

Dimension: Width:30mm, Height:70mm, Depth:35mm, Weight:20g

Storage Condition: Store in cool and dry place

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