Supreme Care Pillow


Supreme Care pillow is designed from memory foam to provide the optimum support that you need. This triangular-shaped pillow has a tapered incline to help you keep a semi-upright position as you sleep. When placed on the bed with the longest part of the wedge against the wall and short side against the bed – it offers a conveniently comfortable way for you to sit up during the day and stay reclined to read your favorite book or watch shows in your bed.

Otherwise, the traditional inclination manner is perfect for you to sleep at night. Supreme Care pillow is our special recommendation for those with health or comfort concerns. Many people suffer from poor circulation, snoring, GERD, and acid reflux. This pillow provides ultimate relief as it helps elevate your head a few inches above your feet to ease chronic digestive issues. It quickly responds and contours to your neck and shoulders to provide comfortable support. This is also highly useful for pregnant women struggling to find the best position to sleep in. It comes in a super soft stretch-knit cover that is super breathable and an extra memory foam layer to offer added comfort.

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