Soya Supreme Cooking Oil No Cholestrol 1litre Pouch


Soya Supreme Cooking Oil No Cholestrol 1litre Pouch

Life is filed with colours. There is a.colour of spring, and colour of happiness. The combination of Ultra High Temperature treatment at 255°C and vegetable sources of oil gives Soya Supreme these colours and makes it dearly the better choice for all your cooking needs.

Dimension: Width:130mm, Height:30mm, Depth:250mm, Weight:3200g

Ingredients: 50% soybean oil, 50% canola oil, vitamin a (37000 i.U/kg) when packed, vitamin d (3700 1.U/kg) when packed, antio,idant (tbhq) 100 mg/lit.

Storage Condition: Store in a dry place at 25 +- 15°c.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 124 Cal,Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 0g,Sugars 0g,Fat 14g,Fibre 0g,Sodium 0g

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