Soft Cotton Buds 200 Pcs


Soft Cotton Buds 200 Pcs

Our high quality dual-tipped cotton buds use 100% pure cotton suitable for sensitive skin and delicate use, wood handle is not easy to break, comfortable and safe to useApplicable wood cotton swab: versatile tool for cleaning, detailing, and applying paint, glue, epoxy, lubrication, etc., suitable for model making, ceramics, jewelry, fabric decorations, hobby, arts and crafts, especially some small cornersQuantity: the package includes 200 pieces of wooden sticks cotton swab, abundant quantity for your daily usingThese double head cotton sticks are packed in a plastic bag to keep your swabs clean and sanitary,also good for easy using and storage

Dimension: Width:65mm, Height:65mm, Depth:65mm, Weight:60g

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