Snack City Kurleez Mirch Masla Jumbo Pack


Snack City Kurleez Mirch Masla Jumbo Pack

Kurleez are so much fun!! They are russett potato chips full of flavor and spice. Not crazy spicy, just good!The very best of crispy crunchy chips that your taste buds want more of. Enter a sweet, spicy and savory land of magical potatoes ready for your enjoyment.

Dimension: Width:130mm, Height:60mm, Depth:140mm, Weight:160g

Ingredients: ingredient: potatoes, palm oil, sweet paprika flavor [sugar, salt, flavorings (dairy), vegetable powders, maltodextrin, spice, milk solids (dairy), flavor enhancer (e635), cheese solids (dairy), anti-caking agents (es551, e341(ii), spice extracts (including paprika oleoresin e160c) and mineral salt [(1)6e contains milk

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