Shoe Care Shoe Polish Black 50ml


Shoe Care Shoe Polish Black 50ml

WBM shoe Polish Black to cover scuff marks or when bringing old and well-worn shoes back to life. Our polishes will give a truly lustrous appearance. WBM shoe Polish Black provides long-lasting Shine your Shoe and makes your shoe new.WBM Care Shoe Polish liquid Black helps you shine and protect your shoes with minimal effort. It removes scuff marks and bring old shoe back to life. It will give a truly lustrous appearance and very shiny look at the same time. It also provides the care, nourishment, and protection to your leather shoes. Made up with natural waxes, use it to achieve a long-lasting, high gloss finish to your shoes.

Dimension: Width:65mm, Height:20mm, Depth:65mm, Weight:60g

Storage Condition: Apply polish on the shoe surface and let it air dry. Buff it with the polishing brush and you are all done.

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