Shezan All Pure Mango Nectar 1 Litre


Shezan All Pure Mango Nectar 1 Litre

Make better choices with the Shezan All Pure, made with farm-fresh fruits.The secret behind Shezan Allpure's fantastic taste is the fresh fruit grown and harvested by our expert Shezan farmers for over three generations. Drink, enjoy and cheers to a good life!

Dimension: Width:65mm, Height:210mm, Depth:70mm, Weight:1080g

Ingredients: mango pulp, cane sugar, citric acid, cmc (e-466), ascorbic acid, preservative (e-211), natural mango flavour and beta carotene (e-160a).

Storage Condition: Storage& serving serve chilled. Shake well before use. Best before (bb) see above

Energy 122cal,Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 37g,Sugars 33g,Fat 0.5g,Fibre 0.4g

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