Shangrila Mixed Pickle Paste 1kg


Shangrila Mixed Pickle Paste 1kg

Shangrila Mixed Pickle Paste is made of superior quality vegetable oil, selected mangoes, vegetables and spices. Shangrila Mixed Pickle Paste have won the hearts of consumers due to its stability and consistence in taste, aroma and freshness for a longer time period.

Dimension: Height:160mm, Weight:1010g

Ingredients: mango, carrot, lemon, chilli, vegetable oil, garlic, salt, acetic acid (e260), citric acid (e330), spices: (fenugreek seeds, mustard, carom, aniseed, cumin seed, turmeric, nigella seed & red chilli powder.

Storage Condition: Keep away from direct sunlight

Nutrient Measurement Precision Exact,Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 2g,Sugars 1g,Fat 4g,Sodium 372g

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