Orient T3 2 Ton Ultron Super Mirror Black DC Inverter


Ultron Super Mirror 2.0 Ton Ac has the beautiful black mirror panel with the biggest indoor unit and the decent black color. The beauty of Ultron Super Mirror 2.0 Ton Ac goes hand in hand with the inverter technology which allow you to save your money with the low voltage consumption. The heat and cool technology are one of the best things which allows you to use this air conditioner in all the seasons. Orient gives you 1-year warranty with this air conditioner as well.

For further details on Ultron Super Mirror Black DC Inverter AC, have a look at the following video:Biggest Indoor 1.1mm: Factory installed Wi-Fi Kit: 50 Feet long 4D air throw: AI Display (Built In Energy Meter): Auto Clean Sterilization System: Electricity Consumption Management: T3 tropicalized inverter: 100 % Pure copper: Optimized Compressor Drive (Cooling in 30 second): Low Voltage Operations (70v): Auto Pilot Up to 80% Energy Saving: Japanese PCB Module: Gold Fin - Anti Rust Coating: For All Weathers; Heat & Cool: Low Noise Operations

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