Nutro Vanilla Wafer 75gm


Nutro Vanilla Wafer 75gm

If you love that pleasant fragrance of vanilla then you are definitely going to fall in love with the taste of this Nutro Vanilla Wafer 75gm. It is simply amazing! Just take one bite and you will go mad with the true taste of vanilla. The crunchiness of wafers has been covered with the butteriness of vanilla cream. Nobody is able to control his taste buds once the pack opens. These wafers are totally irresistible.

Dimension: Width:210mm, Height:15mm, Depth:85mm, Weight:100g

Allergy Advice: Wheat (gluten) soya & milk

Ingredients: hydopenated pam kemei sugar. Wheat flour whey powder (from cow's & buffalo's milk) skimed milk powder (from cow's & buffalo's milk) dextrose coconut oil, soya, lecthin e332. (Emulsifer). Sodium bicarbonate e550i rasing agent . Salt vanilla (artficial flavour) protease e1101 enzyme

Energy 100g,Sugars 53.6g,Fibre 148mg

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