Mitchells Eclairs Milk Chocolate 125g Pouch


Mitchells Eclairs Milk Chocolate 125g Pouch

The pleasure filled experience of pure chocolate enrobed in delicious caramel giving you an exquisite and delightful experience like none other

Dimension: Width:130mm, Height:200mm, Depth:70mm, Weight:140g

Allergy Advice: Milk, Soya

Ingredients: ingredient: sugar, glucose syrup, full cream milk powder, palm fat, cocoa powder, emulsifying agent (soya lecithin). Salt, artificial flavour and permitted food colour (plain caramel)

Nutrient Measurement Precision 5g,Energy 20 Cal,Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 5g,Sugars 4g,Fat 0g,Sodium 8mg

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