Mehran Achar Gosht Masala 100g


Mehran Achar Gosht Masala 100g

Mehran designs a special hard pack that contains an air tight pouch, maintaining the freshness of natural spices that mehran brings from the finest resources to provide premium quality for its worldwide consumers.

Dimension: Width:15mm, Height:155mm, Depth:90mm, Weight:140g

Ingredients: salt, red chilli, cumin, garlic paprika, ginger, papaya, black pepper, long pepper, acid (citric acid), tumeric, caraway, fennel, muskmelon, acidity regulator (tartaric acid), barbecue flavoring, anti caking agent (sillicon dioxide), bay leaves, big cardamom, cinnamom, clove.

Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 28kcal,Carbohydrates 3g 1%,Fat 1g,Sodium 910mg 38%

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