Manhattan Cable HDMI 10ft3m


Manhattan Cable HDMI 10ft/3m

Woven, Hard to get tangled design. It resists cuts and nicks and makes handling and management easier*Easy Installation convenient SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection eliminates the need to install a separate Graphics card and does not have Trouble with compatibility issues*This is an ideal and portable solution for notebook PCs and desktop systems with Graphics card without additional output. It can be easily installed on any Windows computer*HDMI 19pin male to HDMI 19pin male connections*3Dready reproduces the two 18p video streams supplied by 3D movies and video games*Ensures the integrity of the signal between HDMI devices*Supports HD resolutions beyond 18p and Deep Color*Compliant with High Speed HDMI specifications*Up to 1.2 Gbps at 34 MHz bandwidth*Fully shielded to reduce EMI and other interference sources*Molded PVC boot

Dimension: Width:160mm, Height:300mm, Depth:20mm, Weight:120g

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