LU Tuc 84g


LU Tuc 84g

TUC serves as the perfect light, salty snack for those sudden hunger pangs at the oddest of times! As one of the oldest brands of CBL in Pakistan, it stands as a benchmark for crackers. TUC’s high-point has always been its product quality and successful campaigns with memorable jingles like the old: “Mujhay TUC TUC Kay Saath Chahiye” and “Har Jaga Har Waqt Halka Phulka TUC”. Recently, TUC has revolutionized its image with a twist, claiming the whole domain that lies in between meals with slogans like “Kaise Behle Gi Yeh Bewaqt Ki Bhook?” and “TUC Khao, Bhook Behlao”. TUC holds true to the claim that the freshness in its light crispy texture, rectangular shape, salty taste and light golden color are relished by all alike. TUC delivers the promise to serve as the best snack to satisfy your hunger wherever you are, whenever you like!

Dimension: Width:65mm, Height:35mm, Depth:175mm, Weight:100g

Allergy Advice: Wheat (Gluten) and Egg

Ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable fat (including palm oil, soyabean oil, cottonseed oil), sugar, malt extract, egg powder, glucose syrup, salt raising agents: sodium bicarbonate (e500), ammonium bicarbonate (e503), flour treatment agent: sodium meta bi sulphite (e223).

Storage Condition: Store in an airtight jar immediately after opening the packet.

Energy 502 kcal,Protein 8.1g,Carbohydrates 69g,Sugars 10.4g,Fat 21.5g,Fibre 1.9g,Sodium 423mg

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