LU Prince Chocolate 12 Bar Packs


LU Prince Chocolate 12 Bar Packs

Adventure, excitement and the magical world of a child’s imagination that’s what our premium cream brand Prince is all about. The country’s largest chocolate cream biscuit, Prince rules the hearts of children all over with its yummy, energy-filled chocolate sandwich biscuits. Generously filled with rich chocolate cream sandwiched between crispy and delicious biscuit shells, every bite of Prince gives you the fulfilling taste of creamy smooth chocolate and fresh biscuits. The brand has now become synonymous with chocolate cream owing to rich flavor that remains unmatched by any competitor. More than just the delicious biscuits, Kids relate to the Prince character as a dynamic and electrifying savior thereby enhancing the brand’s appeal among an age group that’s always looking for mentors and role models.

Dimension: Width:155mm, Height:110mm, Depth:130mm, Weight:520g

Storage Condition: Store in an airtight jar immediately after opening the packet.

Nutrient Measurement Precision 100g,Energy 525 kcal,Protein 2.2g,Sugars 68.8g,Fibre 136mg

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