LU Bakeri Naan Khatai 12 Bar Packs


LU Bakeri Naan Khatai 12 Bar Packs

Bakeri Nankhatai is the ultimate treat for your sweet cravings. Prepared with utmost care using the finest, most authentic ingredients, it is an exquisite addition to the Bakeri range. To serve as a window into the glorious past and match the royal taste, it is baked using the traditional recipe. The rich taste and aroma of this sweet, crumbly delight, enriches the tea time experience. Now you can now easily serve this royal eastern delicacy from the Mughal era to your guests. So treat yourself with these sweet flavourful delights! Inspired by the rich heritage of Nankhatai, the baking connoisseurs at LU bring the historical flavors of the Mughal era to life with Nankhatai Zafrani Khoya. Bakeri Nankhatai embodies the original taste and texture of the centuries-old recipe with the added flavors of khoya and zafran so you can savor the flavors of royalty.

Dimension: Width:95mm, Height:180mm, Depth:75mm, Weight:360g

Storage Condition: Store in an airtight jar immediately after opening the packet.

Nutrient Measurement Precision 100g,Protein 1.2g,Sugars 65.1g,Fibre 44mgs

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