Loreal Excellence Creme 6.46 Ruby Red


Loreal Excellence Creme 6.46 Ruby Red

Our Casting Crème Gloss semi-permanent hair dye is a gentle way to add natural-looking colour to your hair. The no-ammonia crème formula blends away grey hair, and provides a luscious smell. It’s specially formulated to delicately coat your hair fibres, giving you full coverage and a rich shine to tackle the first appearance of greys.Leaves your hair full of visible shimmering tones. Includes nourishing conditioner. No ammonia formula for a pleasant smell. Colour lasts up to 28 shampoosIncludes our triple care colour ritual, 1. Caring colouring cream, 2. Caring gentle scalp post-colour shampoo, 3. Caring lightweight maskCovers up to 100 Percent of greysGentle on scalp and hairNourished, healthy looking hairNatural, multi-tonal colour resultAfter colouring, the conditioner is enriched with Coconut oil that reveals the richness of your brown hair. It leaves your hair soft and voluptuous with an exceptional shine. No Ammonia, No Commitment, No Worries

Storage Condition: Store in cool and dry place

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