Laziza Rasmalai Dessert Mix Standard 75g


Laziza Rasmalai Dessert Mix, Standard, 75g

Laziza Rasmalai Dessert Mix Standard comes in a 75 gram pack. It contains milk solids, vegetable fats, flour, sugar, pistachio, sodium bicarbonate, cardamom and saffron. Rasmalai is a popular Indian and Pakistani dessert-standard flavor by Laziza

Dimension: Width:95mm, Height:140mm, Depth:25mm, Weight:100g

Allergy Advice: Pistachio, Wheat, milk

Ingredients: milk solids (e.U.Source), vegetable fat, flour (corn &wheat flour) sugar, pistachio (3%), raising agent sodium bicarbonate e-500, cardamom and saffron

Energy 45cal,Protein 0.4,Carbohydrates 5g,Sugars 1g,Fat 2g,Fibre 0g,Sodium 0mg

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