Kolsons Ridged Elbow 400g


Kolsons Ridged Elbow 400g

Serves to be a well-balanced diet for the entire family nutritious, tasty and wholesome. With a long standing heritage and decades of excellence, we at Kolson strive to bring you only the best. Our pasta is made from premium quality wheat flour, rich in essential nutrients. it is made on state-of-the-art machinery with strict quality controls and production procedures. Now you can enjoy a meal that will satisty your taste-buds whilst remaining healthy Kolson Pasta, it's simply delicious!

Dimension: Width:115mm, Height:50mm, Depth:205mm, Weight:400g

Storage Condition: Keep in a clean & dry place

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 352Kcal,Protein 11g,Carbohydrates 72g,Fat 1.2g,Sodium 5mg

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