Kausar Basmati Rice 1Kg


Kausar Basmati Rice 1Kg

The word Basmati means 'Queen of Aroma' and the best basmati rice is a long grain rice that tastes like no other rice on earth. The quality of basmati rice improves with age and we store our basmati for months in order for it to mature before milling, thereby resulting in a richer taste. Kausar Basmati Rice can be cooked in an amazing variety of ways. Gluten free, excellent source of carbohydrates and low in fat, it contains all 8 amino acids plus folic acid and is very low in sodium. According to a research amino acids have a variety of potential benefits for our body. They support muscle development and immune strength. Rich in dietary fiber, Kausar Basmati Rice contains certain vitamins like vitamin B, iron and proteins and is the most nourishing and easiest to digest. Kausar Basmati Rice has a lower glycemic index (GI) than regular rice, which makes it a better choice if you are trying to lose weight.

Dimension: Width:130mm, Height:35mm, Depth:215mm, Weight:1020g

Storage Condition: Store in a dry place.

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