Hilal Kake Strawberry 14Gx24


Hilal Kake Strawberry 14Gx24

Experience a world of freshly-baked, delicious soft cakes filled with rich cream.

Dimension: Width:75mm, Height:140mm, Depth:205mm, Weight:320g

Allergy Advice: Wheat, Eggs, Soy & Sulphites

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, fresh eggs, vegetable fats, smp invert syrup, sorbitol(e-420), baking powder, corn starch, mono & di-glyceriae (e-471, e-475), soya lecithin (e-322), glycerine, glucose syrup, food preservative (e-202), salt, citric acid (e-330), vanillin powder, pectin (e-440), permitted food color (e-102, e-122, e-129), nature ldentical flavors & stabilizer (e-415).

Storage Condition: Store in a dry place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 41.5 kcal,Fat 1g,Sodium 12mg

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