Herbion orange Exfoliating Facewash 100ml


Herbion orange Exfoliating Facewash 100ml

Herbion Naturals ExfoliatingFace Wash is a unique skinexfoliator with orange peelextract. The exfoliating beadsExfoliating Face Washpresent in the orange peel,remove the dead epithelial cellsand cleanse your skin deeply. The scrubbing acon of theexfoliating beads also helps to speed uprenewal process, leaving skin more fresh and young.Vitamin E gives you a youthful skin tone and prepares yourskin to fully absorb creams and moisturizers while essentialcitrus oils soothe and smoothen the skin. This face wash canalso be used after removing heavy make up to thefilm by skin cleanser.

Dimension: Width:25mm, Height:100mm, Depth:30mm, Weight:120g

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