Haribo Worms Jelly 80g


Haribo Worms Jelly 80g

What could be more fun than having worm shaped gummi candies especially for our younger HARIBO fans. They make a good time better, no matter where you are. With their two-colors in the different fruity flavor combinations, these fun-loving gummi candies make any occasion a little more fun and brighter.

Dimension: Width:110mm, Height:150mm, Depth:15mm, Weight:80g

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar beet gelatine- acidity oextros regulator citric acid and plant concentrates safflower. Sweet potato, black carrot. Blackcurant, hibiscus, spriulina, apple, lemon, radish). Flavourings, palm oli, glazing agents (carnauba wax. Beeswax) invert sugar syrup. This product does not cotain any pig gelatine or any other pig based ingredient

Energy 1429kj / 342 Kcal,Protein 7.5g,Carbohydrates 76.4g,Sugars 47.9g,Fat 0.1g

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