Forhan's Sensitive Deep Relief 100g


Forhan's Sensitive Deep Relief 100g

HOW DOES FORHAN'S SENSITIVE DEEP RELIEF WORK? Forhan's Sensitive Deep Relief acts fastly to create a mineral like seal all over the surface of the dentine and within the microscopic channels. This prevents stimulus from reaching the nerve. Regularly twice a day brushing provides long lasting protection from sensitivity. Also cleans, freshens and protects against dental decay. HOW IS TOOTH SENSITIVITY CAUSED? Gum recession often as a result of over WHAT IS TOOTH SENSITIVITY? Tooth sensitivity occurs when the softer vigorous toothbrushing. Enamel erosion caused by fizzy, sweet or acidic drinks. dentine undeneath hard tooth enemal becomes exposed to reveal microscopic channels that lead to the tooth nerves. When this exposed dentine comes into contact with something hot or cold, sweet sour or even your toothbrush it can trigger the nerve causing a short sharp pain.

Dimension: Width:30mm, Height:40mm, Depth:165mm, Weight:120g

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