Fauji Frootooz Fruit Ringlets 150g


Fauji Frootooz Fruit Ringlets 150g

Delicious mouth watering cereals with fruity taste and is also nutritious.

Dimension: Width:45mm, Height:220mm, Depth:145mm, Weight:200g

Allergy Advice: Thiamine: Necessary for the release of energy from carbohydrates.Riboflavin: Necessary for healthy skin, nails and eyes as well as for energy-release to cells.Niacin: Helps in the energy production reactions that take place in cells.Calcium: A mineral that helps strengthen the bones & teeth.Proteins: To repair damaged cells and also build new tissues in the body.Iron: Enhances the body's use of oxygen and makes provision for it at the cellular level.Carbohydrates: A staple energy

Ingredients: ingredient: flour (patent wheat, barley, corn), sugar, citric acid, permitted food colour & flavours (strawberry, orange, lemon, apple).

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 381Kcal,Protein 5.21g,Carbohydrates 89g,Sugars 37g,Fat 0.51g,Fibre 3.7g,Sodium 138mg

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