Falak Premium Basmati Rice 10Kg


Falak Premium Basmati Rice 10Kg

Punjab is a region famous for its rich culture, and love and appreciation of food. Basmati is a unique rice that only grows in the fertile fields of the Punjab that are watered by snow-fed rivers originating from the Himalayas. Only the finest quality Basmati grains are selected for FALAK® Basmati rice, which is 100% pure, aged premium Basmati rice.The extra-long grain length, naturally sweet taste, unique aroma and fluffy texture make FALAK® Basmati a favorite amongst rice connois­seurs across the globe.

Dimension: Width:320mm, Height:170mm, Depth:520mm, Weight:10000g

Nutrient Measurement Precision Exact,Energy 160 kcal,Protein 3g,Carbohydrates 36g,Fibre 1g

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