Falak Easy Cook Sella 10Kg


Falak Easy Cook Sella 10Kg

Falak Sella Basmati is an extra-long grain aromatic basmati rice. Its slender grains can elongate to at least three times their original size. Upon cooking the grains have a soft and fluffy texture and do not break. The delicious taste, aroma and unmatched length has made Falak Extreme Basmati Rice a favourite amongst rice connoisseurs. It is excellent for cooking traditional dishes like Biryani and Zarda.

Dimension: Width:350mm, Height:140mm, Depth:520mm, Weight:10060g

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 160 kcal,Protein 3g,Carbohydrates 36g,Sugars 0g,Fat 0g,Fibre 1g,Sodium 0mg

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