Elite Oven Toaster 45 Litre ETO-453R Black


Elite Oven Toaster 45 Litre ETO-453R Black

Eto-453R - Oven Toaster, Enables You To Cook With Convenience. You Can Toast and Bake Food Easily With Electronic Controls. This Toaster Oven Prepares Any Meal Or Snack In One Touch Cooking. This Oven Features An Easy View Glass Door So You Can Keep Check On Your Food. This Counter Top Toaster Oven Features Four Separate Dials So You Can Select Your Temperature. It Has A Power Light Indicator and 120 Minutes Timer With Bell Ring For Your Convenience. You Can Cook Delicious Meals and Toast Bread For You Anytime You Want. So, Get This Perfect Kitchen Appliance and Eat Healthy With Your Loved Ones

Dimension: Width:465mm, Height:385mm, Depth:590mm, Weight:10220g

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