Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies 90g


Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies 90g

Share Your Special Moments, CHerish special Moments with family and friends while enjoying danisa premium butter cookies. these premium quality cookies are created with the original recipe from danish specialty foods aps

Dimension: Width:35mm, Height:135mm, Depth:135mm, Weight:140g

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, butter (18.67%), Vegetable oil (coconut-contains tocopherol antioxidant), glucose syrup, eggs, dessicatecoconut, seedless raisins, skim milk (powder), sali, ammonium bicarbonate, vanillin.

Storage Condition: Keep in a dry and cool place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Exact,Energy 152cal,Protein 2g,Carbohydrates 20g,Sugars 8g,Fat 9g,Sodium 59mg

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