Cookania Zeera Classic Biscuits 6 Snack Packs


Cookania Zeera Classic Biscuits 6 Snack Packs

Who doesn't love biscuits? From kids to adults, everyone loves the crispy sweet and salty biscuits that are also the perfect munchies for those odd hours hunger pangs! Zeera Biscuits are the perfect addition to your hot cup of steaming tea or coffee.

Dimension: Width:145mm, Height:90mm, Depth:120mm, Weight:400g

Ingredients: wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, fresh eggs,invert syrup, cumin seeds, whey powder, salt, leavening agents, permitted food flavours

Storage Condition: Store in a cool, dry place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 380kj,Protein 1.1g,Carbohydrates 12.4g,Sugars 3.8g,Fat 4g,Fibre 0.4g,Sodium 76 mg

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