Cookainia Choco Chip Cookies 6 Sanck Packs


Cookainia Choco Chip Cookies 6 Sanck Packs

The delicious flavor of Choco in our rich semisweet Cookies offers a divine and yummy experience of chocolaty choco chip cookies.

Dimension: Width:142mm, Height:103mm, Depth:120mm, Weight:420g

Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat, Milk & Soya.

Ingredients: wheat flour , sugar , hydrogenated vegetable oil ( palm ) , cocoa powder , chocolate chips , corn starch , powder , salt , emulsifier ( soya lecithin ) , leavening agents ( ammonium bicarbonate e - 503 , sodium bicarbonate e-500 ) , permitted food flavor ( chocolate ) .

Storage Condition: Store in room temperature

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 477Kcal,Protein 5.5g,Carbohydrates 61.5g,Sugars 22.5g,Fat 23.8g,Fibre 1.2g,Sodium 360mg

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