Canbebe Diapers 2 Mini (3 to 6 kg) 9Pcs


Canbebe Diapers 2 Mini (3 to 6 kg) 9Pcs

Canbebe Diaper has a very effective super absorbent layer, which prevents leakage and provides baby with uninterrupted sleep either day or night.- Canbebe is not only adjustable but also stretchable so that the Baby is free to move around and crawl making them very comfortable.- With Canbebe diapers, Baby is more comfortable since it has an effective tendency of preventing lumps.- These Diapers are a perfect match for baby’s skin.- They have the ability to prevent rashes and redness caused by leakages.

Dimension: Width:85mm, Height:90mm, Depth:195mm, Weight:200g

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