Britannia Digestive Original 225g


Britannia Digestive Original 225g

Make a Healthier choice with Britannia's Digestive original Biscuits which are trans fat-free with no added artificial colors.

Dimension: Width:75mm, Height:110mm, Depth:70mm, Weight:260g

Ingredients: wheat flour,palm oil whole wheat flour (17.5%) , Sugar,wheat bran 391. Liquid glucose, sodiumbicarbonate e 5000) & ammoniumbicarbonate (e503(i)) (raising agents), saltmalt extract, invert sugar, malic acid (e296) acidity regulator). Mono &diglycerides of fatty acids (palm) (e 471)(emulsifier) sodium metabisulphite (e 223)flour treatment agent).

Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place

Nutrient Measurement Precision Exact,Energy 145,Protein 2g,Carbohydrates 18g,Sugars 5g,Fat 7g,Fibre 1.5g,Sodium 80mg

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