Westpoint Deluxe Roti Maker WF-6516 Silver & Black


Westpoint Deluxe Roti Maker WF-6516 Silver & Black

Westpoint Roti Maker WF-6516enables you to make soft rotis without putting in much effort. All you need to do is knead the dough (there are equipment to do that as well), make small rolls of dough (just like the ones made for traditional roti making) and put these rolls inside the roti maker one after another. Well, it`s the tricky part you have to knead the dough a little softer than the regular dough in order to make the rotis with ease. Another notable thing to remember while using the roti maker is that you have to put the dough aside, after kneading, for about an hour before making the rotis.

Dimension: Width:300mm, Height:230mm, Depth:375mm, Weight:2800g

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