WBM Care Lip Balm Olive Honey 3.5g


WBM Care Lip Balm Olive Honey 3.5g

WBM Lip Balms contain superior quality Beeswax and infused with Himalayan Pink Salt. WBM care Lip Balm is an excellent solution for dry and chapped lips in winter. It also provides ultimate protection against sunburns and other weather conditions. Lip Balms has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that give a complete solution to heal and care for your lips.Key Feature:Lip Balms are made of 100% Natural Premium Beeswax with no harsh ingredientsThese juicy lip moisturizers are available in 6 flavors.These lip balms are perfect for chapped and damaged lips.

Dimension: Width:20mm, Height:20mm, Depth:90mm, Weight:20g

Storage Condition: Store in cool and dry place

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