Vince rejuvenation perfect cream 50ml


Vince rejuvenation perfect cream 50ml

Vince Perfect 30's anti wrinkle cream is baiecontaining vitamins and antioxidants which activeworks for visibly younger looking skin and reduceseffects of aging. Its effective and innovative formscontains Ingredients that indulge deep into the skinsurface where the wrinkles are developed andreduces the aging effects from the root cause arearesulting in the younger effect you needVince Perfect 30's anti-wrinkle cream is a perfectblend of mixture that works to natural even out theskin tone with drop down of dull appearanceproviding the effect of lightening and whitening 10the skin it also results in the reduction of fine Linesand wrinkles a skin that is rough in texture and drywith prominent pores and age spots All of thisreduces with just continuous use of Vince Perfect30'S It is non-greasy and quickly absorbed

Dimension: Width:60mm, Height:120mm, Depth:60mm, Weight:100g

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