Tiffany Sugar Free Oat Meal Cookies 150g

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Tiffany Sugar Free Oat Meal Cookies 150g

Tiffany Sugar free Oatmeal Cookies are for people on sugar restricted diet or just prefer lowering your sugar consumption. These delicious Biscuit are a true delightful treat among kids, youngsters as well as adults and can be had anytime, anywhere irrespective of time and occasion. Just have one of these delicious, mouth watering rolls and they will definitely tempt you to have more.

Dimension: Width:65mm, Height:65mm, Depth:215mm, Weight:720g

Ingredients: ingredient: wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable shortening (palm), oat flakes, humectants (maltitol e965(m), sarbital" e420(), maltedextrin). Cinnamon powder, raising agents(ammonium bicarbonate e503, sedium bicarbonate e500, sodium acid pyrophosphate e450), salt vegetable emulsifier (saya lecithin e322). Ginger powder, artificial sweeteners (sucralose e955, acesulfame k e950), nutmeg powder, permitted artificial flavours (vanilla & orange). Allergen warning: contains wheat gluten and soya. May contain traces of egg. Milk, peanut and tree nats.

Storage Condition: Keep away from sunlight, store in a cool and dry place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 485kcal,Carbohydrates 71.0g,Sugars 0.0g,Fat 21.8g,Fibre 0g,Sodium 324mg

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