Tiffany Digestive Sugar Free Whole Wheat Biscuits 350g


Tiffany Digestive Sugar Free Whole Wheat Biscuits 350g

IFFCO's flagship brand of impulse foods such as Biscuits, Snacks, Chocolates, Confectionery, Cakes and Sauces offers great value and quality. Biscuits include Dry, Cream Sandwich, Filled Rolls, Digestive, Crackers, Cookies, Wafers, Premium and Sugar free range. Snacks include potato crisps made from natural farm fresh potatoes, without artificial flavourings, zero cholesterol and trans-fat. Potato sticks with various flavourings, Extruded Corn and Potato snacks and popcorn. Tiffany also manufactures and markets Bugles under license from General Mills (USA), in the UAE.

Dimension: Width:190mm, Height:60mm, Depth:70mm, Weight:420g

Allergy Advice: Cotains Wheat gluten & Cow's Mik May contain peanut and tree nut.

Ingredients: wheat weat flour vegetable fat (plam fruit) whale wheat flour nan-nutrive swetner sorbitol", malel secralese) maltedexte powder, rasing agents sedum bicatonae e50 ammum bicartonate e5 wheat bran (15% skimmed mlk poader (cow milk) salt malic acid e296, vegeable emulsfers (e471 e481) enzymes aylasel artlical flavoring allerge warning cotains wheat cluten & con's mik may cstanpean dves 'lcess of consumed quantiy f sarbial over per ay nay cause darntea

Energy 1916 kJ / 458 Cal,Protein 6.8g,Carbohydrates 53.6g,Sugars 0.4g,Fat 24.3g,Fibre 1g,Sodium 368mg

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