Tapal Green Tea Selection Pack 32 Flavored Green Tea Bags


Tapal Green Tea Selection Pack 32 Flavored Green Tea Bags

Tapal became the first Pakistani tea company to launch a range of flavored green teas in 2000. Tapal Green Tea has since maintained the leadership position in this category.Tapal Green Tea Jasmine flavor was launched in 2000 followed by Elaichi in 2005.Lemon flavor was launched in 2006 and Mint in 2010 which was later re-introduced as Moroccan Mint.In 2015 the Jar portfolio was extended to include Tapal Green Tea Lemongrass.Tapal Green Tea is blended to perfection using the finest green tea leaves and specially selected natural ingredients & flavors, to create the perfect harmony of taste and aroma. Each teabag is individually packed so the freshness of Tapal Green Tea’s Natural Ingredients remains intact.It contains real natural Ingredients like jasmine flowers, lemongrass and cardamom/elaichi seeds. Its natural ingredients and antioxidants may aid digestion and boost your body’s natural metabolic rate which may assist in weight-loss.

Dimension: Width:70mm, Height:145mm, Depth:70mm, Weight:100g

Ingredients: green tea

Storage Condition: Store in a safe and dry place at room temperature.

Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 0g,Sodium 0mg

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