Tapal Danedar Black Loose Tea 450g


Tapal Danedar Black Loose Tea 450g

First introduced in Pakistan in 1987, Tapal Danedar has long maintained its reputation of having a unique blend which has made it the market leader and innovator within the tea category. As Pakistan’s first Danedar brand, Tapal Danedar has proved to be the first choice of tea connoisseurs across the country.The name “Danedar” essentially means “granules” or “danas”, referring to the premium quality blend that Kenyan tea leaves provide. It’s distinct taste, aroma and rich color has made it a nationwide bestseller, having gained the privilege of receiving the PAS Award for two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012 for the campaign “Har Mizaj Se Ashna” in the “Hot Beverages” category.Tapal Daneadar is proud of its consistent pursuit in providing its consumers the same taste and quality it promised 30 years ago and is still keeping up to that very promise. No doubt it’s the country’s no. 1 choice of tea!Enjoying a leadership position in the Tapal portfolio, the brand believes in catering to the needs of all its consumers belonging to diverse income segments, be it single serving sachet users or household consumption pack users. Today, the Danedar family comprises of multiple stock keeping units including hard packs, sachets, pouches, a high utility jar and a range of innovative tea-bags offering our cherished customer their required level of convenience.So whether it is your essential morning cup of tea or a fun gathering with friends and family, Tapal Danedar promises to be your perfect cup of tea.

Dimension: Height:175mm, Weight:540g

Ingredients: black tea

Storage Condition: Store in a dry place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision 2g,Protein 0g,Carbohydrates 0g,Sodium 0mg

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