Super Crsip Nimkomix Spicy 60g


Super Crsip Nimkomix Spicy 60g

Super Crisp Nimko Mix, 44gEnjoy and experience Super Crisp Dry Nimko Mix a mix of wonderful crisps andcrunch which is very appealing to many as it offers irresistable pleasure because textures and flavors that blends well togerher. Its made from the finest ingredients. Super Crisp Dry Nimko Mix suits well for gatherings, relaxation, and watching movies. Its a much more better choice than a regular mixed nuts snack . Super Crisp Dry Nimko Mix is all natural , No artificial flavorings or colorings and very affordable.

Dimension: Width:100mm, Height:50mm, Depth:190mm, Weight:60g

Ingredients: fresh potatoes, palm olein and artificial flavour.

Storage Condition: Store in a cool and dry place.

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 51.06Kcal,Protein 1.11g,Carbohydrates 5.32g,Sugars 0.24g,Fat 2.81g,Fibre 0.086g

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