Sufi Brown Soap 4 Bars


Sufi Brown Soap 4 Bars

Sufi has qualified as a Super Brand and as the most highly regarded brands of Pakistan we offer products which are worth the value. With pure material Brown Soap, our portfolio of detergents has grown to another level. A household cleaning range of detergents offered by Sufi, Brown Soap is famous for its washing power with a powerful stain removing agents. It gives best results in every kind of environment.Sufi Brown is made from a special formula which helps to wash dishes, wash basin, baths tubs, bath room, bath tiles and bath tub cleanly. Powerfully energized by lemon fragrance, the soap cleans with a gratifying experience. Sufi Brown is regular in houses which demand quality and have confidence in Sufi that it can eradicate all stains.

Dimension: Width:140mm, Height:215mm, Depth:53mm, Weight:1000g

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