Smart Heart Puppy Food Beef & Milk Flavour 500g


Smart Heart Puppy Food Beef & Milk Flavour 500g

Puppies experience their most rapid period of development during their first years of age. This includes their activities and learning new challenges Complete and balanced nutrition is essential for their proper growth and healthy development. SmartHeart puppy food is formulated to meet puppies' nutritional requirements using the best quality ingredients and supplemented with fish oil (rich in DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid) and Lecithin (rich in Choline) to help enhance brain development and nervous system function and heart health.

Dimension: Width:152mm, Height:230mm, Depth:85mm, Weight:520g

Ingredients: rice, poultry meal, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, chicken oil, beet pulp, flax seed, brewer's dried yeast, lecithin, fish oil, milk replacer, lodized salt, roast beef flavoring,vitamins and minerals food coloring and antioxidants

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