Shezan Diet Orange Marmalade 440gm


Shezan Diet Orange Marmalade 440

With the promise of real fruit flavor all year round, Shezan ensures that you can enjoy the delicate taste and sweetness of our marmalade. Our entire range is made from the freshest, sun-soaked fruits to give you a wide variety of lovely goodness to cater to your family s needs. We try to make sure that all product pictures, prices and pack sizes are accurate. However, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Actual product packaging and prices will be as per the latest policy of brand/respective company.

Dimension: Width:45mm, Height:125mm, Depth:45mm, Weight:680g

Ingredients: sorbitol, orenge juice peels, citric acid, pectin, preservatives (potassium sorbate)

Storage Condition: Do not refrigerate

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately

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