Shangrila Bar-B-Q Sauce Smart Pack 500g


Shangrila Bar-B-Q Sauce Smart Pack 500g

This tempting sauce delivers the smoky barbecue flavor to anything you cook or grill. Shangrila B.B.Q., Sauce is a blend of Tomato Ketchup and carefully selected herbs and spices with Onion & Garlic. This tangy, succulent sauce tastes best with Kebabs, Traditional Barbecue, Tikka, Steaks and Sandwiches.

Dimension: Width:40mm, Height:200mm, Depth:100mm, Weight:520g

Ingredients: tomato pulp, sugar, spices, salt, vinegar, stabilizer (e466), citric acid (e330), soy sauce, natural smoke distillate as flavoring agent, permitted preservative (e211) & caramel colour (e150).

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Carbohydrates 5g,Sugars 4.0g,Sodium 60g

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