Shan Shoop Masala 65g (x6)


Shan Shoop Masala 65g (x6)

Shoop Masala makes your snack time, fun time, with tingling and zesty flavor of exciting spices.

Dimension: Width:90mm, Height:115mm, Depth:80mm, Weight:400g

Ingredients: noodles cake: wheat flour (75%)refined palm oilsaltraising agent (sodium carbonate)stabilizer (potassium carbonate & sodium phosphate)thickener (xanthan gum)beta-carotene colorantioxidants (butylated hydroxytoluene & propyl gallate)taste maker: corn starchsaltgarliccitric acidtartaric acidcarom powderblack pepper powderginger powder

Storage Condition: Store in a cool, dry place. Away from direct sunlight.

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