Pampers Baby-Dry Midi 3 6-10 kg 72 Diapers


GTIN: 8001090311184

Pampers Baby-Dry Midi 3 6-10 kg 72 Diapers

BABY LOTION: To help protect baby's skin from rashes. MAGIC GEL: To lock away the wetness. LEAKAGE BARRIERS: Great fit to help prevent leaks. TOP DRY-LAYER: Instantly absorbs wetness away from skin. Our Dedication To Safety: At Pampers, we care about your baby's healthy development above all else. See why parents have trusted us for more than 50 years to provide safe, high-quality products. Your Baby’s Safety Always Comes First: As moms and dads too, we know that finding what’s best for your baby can sometimes be confusing. When it comes to our products, we take the guesswork out so you can rest easy. Our Safety Promise: At Pampers, we won't ship anything until it’s been proven to be safe. Every product we make must live up to the most demanding standards of all – yours. What’s Inside Our Pampers Products? When it comes to your baby’s health and safety, you want to know about every last ingredient used. We get that, and we’re always here to chat if you have any questions. Our Experts in Safety: We know that you want the best for baby - and we do too. At Pampers, we work with doctors and nurses to ensure that the latest in baby safety is always at the forefront of what we do. Making Life Better for Baby: It takes a village to raise a baby. See why Pampers is proud to be part of that community by providing safe products for your family.

INGREDIENTS (Balm) Petrolatum , Steamy Alcohol , Paraffinum Liquidum , Aloe Barbadensis Leat Extract.

Consumer Usage Instructions: Make sure that your hands are clean. If you're changing baby in a store's changing station or even in the car, have a cloth down under the little one... just in case. Undo the pins/diaper cover (if you're using cloth diapers) or unfasten the tapes on the disposable diaper. Check and see the contents of the diaper. If it's especially messy, I like to have a few extra wipes (or a cloth) standing by. If there's a bowel movement, use the front of the diaper to pull the mess towards the baby's bottom. Then fold the front part over the back, keeping the bowel movement inside so that the baby's bottom rests on the outside of the front of the diaper. Next, cleanse the diaper area, taking care to clean all the folds and moving the mess towards the baby's bottom. (Always wipe girls’ front to back only to avoid UTIs and other infections.) If you're changing a baby boy, you'll want to protect yourself, and other onlookers, by keeping a diaper (or cloth) over the baby's private parts. You never know when nature will call, and sometimes cooler outside air will trigger the need! With one hand, hold your baby gently near the ankles, and lift up the baby's legs to clean the baby's bottom. Again, making sure to keep a diaper covering the baby boy's private parts. Apply ointment if necessary and check for redness (or chafing or the area where one of the diaper tabs may have rubbed and reddened the baby's skin).To put on a new diaper, lift the baby up so that you can slip that new diaper right under the baby's behind. This is easily accomplished by gently holding the baby by the ankles with one hand, and sliding the back of the diaper (for those of you using disposable diapers, the back of the diaper is the side with the tabs and no decoration). Next, fasten the tabs to the decorated strip on the front of the disposable diaper. Remember not to make it too tight, and make sure that you position the tapes so that they don't contact the baby's skin. If you're using cloth diapers, pin the corners together by using safety pins and placing your fingers between the diaper and the baby to keep baby from getting poked. Check and make sure that the diaper covers the baby's behind fully and isn't too tight on the legs or stomach area. Make sure the edges of the diaper haven't been tucked under. Dispose of the soiled diaper and wash your hands. Now you're ready to get your little one dressed!

Warning Copy Description: Replace your baby's diaper every 3-4 hours. Do not flush the diaper.

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