New Kala Kola Hair Color 45 Natural Black


New Kala Kola Hair Color 45 Natural Black

KalaKola Hair Color has a range of revolutionary high-quality hair colors that are easy to use. KalaKola Hair Color gives 100, grey hair coverage, and not only colors your hair, but also cares for it. It is enhanced with conditioners - after dyeing, you feel a conditioning effect on your hair - the perfect formulation to dye hair in a gentle way. KalaKola Hair Color is also enriched with Olive oil and Vitamin E that conditions the hair from root to tip, with a vtit-rich formula that nourishes and protects hair strands. Olive Oil reinforces the natural structure of hair and hydrates hair from within, banning roughness or breakage. The natural moisture-locking and conditioning effect of Olive oil helps enhance hair smoothness, delivering even color on your hair, which also lasts longer. The best part is that it's equally good for men and women! All KalaKola Hair Colors are available in 50 ml and 25 ml tubes.

Dimension: Width:25mm, Height:130mm, Depth:35mm, Weight:80g

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