Kotex Panty Liners Every Day Freshness 20 Unscented


Kotex Panty Liners Every Day Freshness 20 Unscented

U by Kotex Barely There Liners are pantiliners so thin and flexible, you might forget you’re wearing them. Barely There period liners are great for everyday use or light flow days and are designed to help you stay clean and fresh every day. Each liner is designed with sheer sides that help keep it in place so your protection stays discreet. U by Kotex Barely There Liners have light absorbency and are lotion free and fragrance free. Folded and individually wrapped in four bold colors and designs. Need additional coverage? Use U by Kotex Lightdays PLUS Liners with outstanding comfort.Keep track of your cycle1. Make a cycle calendar using your phone, tablet or a calendar.2. Mark the first and last day of your period.3. Set reminders when you think it might be coming.4. Look out for period signals: bloating, cravings, weight gain and PMS.5. Always stay prepared with a few tampons, liners and pads.5 ways to manage period pain1. Plan Ahead – Take ibuprofen tablets a day or two before your period.2. Add Heat – Use a heating pad or take a hot shower or bath to relieve cramps.3. Distract Yourself – Watch a movie, meditate, do yoga – anything to take your mind off the pain.4. Eat Well – Resist the urge to eat unhealthy comfort food that could make you feel worse.5. Doctor Visits – Tell your healthcare provider about your painful cramps.Find your perfect productLearning your body’s menstrual flow pattern will help you stay prepared with the right product. Whether you need a tampon for light days or a maxi pad for heavier, U by Kotex has you covered with products designed to fit your flow.

Dimension: Width:45mm, Height:125mm, Depth:50mm, Weight:40g

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