Hilal Bake Time Lemon Cake Slices 6 Packs


Hilal Bake Time Lemon Cake Slices 6 Packs

Try our all new Hilal Bake Time Lemon Cake Slices. Zest up your tea time, parties and picnics with this fun new flavour with a citrusy bang!

Dimension: Width:135mm, Height:75mm, Depth:170mm, Weight:300g

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, fresh eggs, vegetable oil (palm), invert syrup, shimmed m powder, salt citric acid (e-330), sorbitol (e- 420), baking powder (e-s00, e4501) emulsifier (ptant extracted mono & diglycerides of fatty acid e-471 & polyglycerol esters of fatty acids e475, e-401), glycerine (e-422), vaniltin powder, stabirer (e -415, e4121 food preservative (e-202, e-211) permitted food color (ci 19140) and artificial flavor (lemon)

Storage Condition: Store in a cool and dry place

Nutrient Measurement Precision Approximately,Energy 386kcal,Protein 4.0g,Carbohydrates 45g,Sugars 27g,Fat 22g,Fibre 2.0g,Sodium 200mg

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